Warwick Cattle Report


CAPTION: Numbers firm and plenty of young cattle at Warwick Sale Yards on Tuesday.

NUMBERS remained firm and young cattle made up the majority of the yarding on Tuesday, 4 June.
Heavy grown steers and bullocks were scarce, while the fair supply of cows was dominated by poor condition lines. Young lightweight cattle experienced a mixed trend.
Restocker activity was not as strong as the previous sale, and vealer steers and lightweight yearling steers averaged 4c to 10c/kg cheaper. However, vealer heifers to local and southern processors met a firm market and a selected few to local butchers improved in price. Plain condition cows lifted in price by 2c to 5c/kg, pushed on by stronger processor and restocker demand.
Well-conditioned heavy cows experienced no change in price.
Calves were well supplied and slaughter descriptions averaged 143c, while those returning to the paddock averaged 163c and sold to 166.2c/kg. Vealer heifers to slaughter averaged 145c, while those to local butchers averaged in the high 160c/kg range with sales to 194.2c/kg. Lightweight yearling steers returning to the paddock averaged close to 160c, and medium weights 157c/kg. Medium weight feeders averaged 168c and sold to 170c and a small selection of slaughter descriptions sold around 170c/kg.
Heavy yearling steers to the trade averaged 157c, and sold to 170.2c/kg. Medium weight yearling heifers to feed and
restockers mostly sold in the mid 140c/kg range.
Heavy grown steers averaged 160c and sold to 165c, and a couple of bullocks averaged 153c/kg. Plain cows averaged 82c, and
restocker lines made 88c/kg. Medium weight 2 scores averaged 95c, while good heavy cows made to 121.6c to average
115c/kg. Heavy bulls were dearer at 154.2c/kg.