Landholders object to CRG report

NORTH Toolburra resident and concerned landholder, Jackie Chard, has objected strongly to the proposal for power line route five which runs through her property – without notice.
“I object strongly to our land being referred to as “of lesser value” – that is a direct insult,” she said.
“Why do those on this committee have more say than us? If there are less houses near this Northern end of the line, why does that make it alright. Why not use the corridors designed to carry services such as roads, rail, power or existing power lines. Why is that not a better choice?”
Mrs Chard said the property, due to its historical significance, is listed on the Local Heritage Register.
“This is also our home, and where we currently run quite a large Angus and Charolais stud,” she said.
“The proposed power line cuts straight across the paddock that fronts the Warwick – Allora Road, we call “the Cricket Pitch”.
“It was so named as the touring English cricket team played on that pitch in 1926. The property was (also) used as a boarding school by Scots College Warwick after they were forced to evacuate during World War II. Many of the old boarders re-visit here annually,” she said.
The movie The Thornbirds was also filmed some years ago, by the lagoon that is now under threat.
“This natural lagoon is located within metres of this proposed Route 5 power line. At present it has Black Swans that are nesting (they return annually),along with numerous water hens, ducks, cranes and pelicans,” Mrs Chard said.
“We have a huge amount of cockatoos that roost in the river gums all along the Condamine River which courses through this property and on this lagoon.
“We also have a small population of rare animals,that are very stressed by any activity as they are extremely timid.
“We also work very closely with the Condamine Alliance maintaining our 12km of the Condamine River. In their words, from the air they noted that this stretch of the river has the best cover of Riparian vegetation they had seen. The path of Route 5 spans across our paddocks that have been described as some of the best soils on the Darling Downs. This is also part of the property that floods to over one metre, as has occurred three times since 2010.
“The Warwick Airport and Gliding club is very close to the proposed Route 5. I watched on Sunday as many gliders were towed straight across where that line is proposed. I have written to the Civil Aviation Authority requesting clarification on what is the allowed safe distance of a high voltage power line in relation to this particular airport, as a matter of urgency.”

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****Mrs Chard said any development proposal which has the potential to penetrate that airspace, should not be permitted by the operator of the airport, when that is a possible option.
“In this case, the Southern Downs Regional Council should be aware of any development proposals which would have an impact on the operation of the aerodrome. Council should also be aware of the means of determining maximum safe heights and distances which structures can be built to and from the aerodrome. Those details are contained in the CASA Manual of Standards Part 139 (MOS Part 139), and available from the CASA website.
“Council may have an ‘Obstacle Limitation Surfaces’ plan which should clearly show what development is possible in the vicinity of the aerodrome, while remaining below the protected airspace.
“My belief is that Council would be keen to protect the aerodrome asset and as such should not permit, or endorse any development which would reduce safety or usability of the aerodrome. “
“It appears that from the last meeting of the CRG that they have formulated their interim report, and expect to have one last meeting on the 20 June to finalise it.”
Facilitator for the CRG John Dengate has responded to community concerns around the CRG’s interim report by asking for residents to lodge their complaints and concerns via the CRG website.
The CRG website address is and questions or comments can be lodged via the ‘Contact’ tab on the home page.