Be prepared for pets

TENTERFIELD Shire Council wants pet owners and intending owners to be aware of their responsibilities.
Pet ownership these days can be quite a responsibility, and quite costly as well.
Costs include micro-chipping and registering all pets with council, desexing, vaccinations, annual health checks, worming, training, toys, bedding and boarding for the pet if residents plan to be away from home.
Council’s strategic companion animals management plan (SCAMP) and local orders give guidance for the keeping of animals and pets for non-commercial purposes.
Mayor Peter Petty said council was responsible for the regulation of a broad range of matters regarding the keeping of companion animals.
“Unfortunately, Council’s role is largely a reactive role based on complaints from the community”, Cr Petty said.
“These complaints involve investigation of dangerous dog attacks, the keeping of large numbers of animals in residential premises and other matters that could result in human or environmental health issues.
“There are also a significant number of complaints regarding the welfare of animals themselves.”
Cr Petty said that last year council rangers euthanised a total of 76 dogs and cats as a result of poor pet ownership, abandonment and health/welfare issues.
“This is a devastating task for the officers involved,” he said.
In an effort to reduce these numbers Tenterfield Shire Council has asked that before people purchase or acquire a pet, they take the time to thoroughly research the needs and requirements of the new pet.
Owners should ensure the choice is appropriate for their lifestyle and that they will be well prepared for its arrival and ongoing care.