Excellent results in winter conditions

Southern Down Rifle Club members arriving the Risdon Range last Sunday morning were hit with some true wintery conditions as they prepared for the shoot at the 400 yard mound

For those hardy troopers who attended conditions on the range were quite good and thee were many good performances in all classes. None more so than Kevin Jones on the Open class. He recorded a good score of 125.13 and missed the maximum score by just one point.

Hot on his heels were Greg Wilson and Tom McGovern.

Geoff Volmerhause continues to make steady improvement each shoot in the Standard class.

Abe and Owen Basson had the Sporter Hunter class to themselves, and winning honours went to Abe with Owen settling for runner up.


400 yards F Class

F Standard (max 126)

Geoff Vollmerhause (113.4)

F Open (max 126)

Kevin Jones (125.13); Greg Wilson(124.10); Tom McGovern (123.12); Richard McKillop (121.7); Craig Montgomery (120.8); Bruce McAllan (115.2) – testing loads; Charlie Montgomery (109.6).

Hunter/Sporter (max 105)

Abe Basson (96.2); Owen Basson (86.1)

This Sunday competition moves to the 500 yard mound at the normal winters start time of 9am. Sign is at the usual time of 8.30am. further details are available by contacting Margaret on (07) 4666 1018. The Southern Downs Rifle club meet each Sunday morning for comepitition at the Risdon Range.