Clean up for Cowboys and others

The clean up begins in the Cowboys Clubhouse.

The Warwick Cowboys clubhouse and the Fr Ranger Oval was one of a number of sporting facilities affected by last weekend’s flooding. Club Secretary Candyce Grew said around 800mls of flood water spread into the Cowboys house club. Fortunately, there were plenty of hands-on deck as the threat of flooding became a reality and a lot of things in the clubhouse were able to be moved to higher ground. While the damage was nothing like 2011 there has been quite a lot of damage to the clubhouse interior while the fencing around the oval has also been damaged. It is hoped that when things begin to dry out the damage to the oval surface will not be too great.

Once the water receded a small army of volunteers got to work. The flooring in the club house has been taken up and the gurney’s were hard at work clearing the mud inside and out.

This weekend the Cowboys home game against the Oakey bears has been transferred to Oakey. The team will be hoping to pick up where they left off after a last game win over Dalby.

The Warwick Water Rats fields also fell victim to the flood but with only minimal water in the clubhouse is ship shape after a good clean and plenty of bleach.

The Warwick football fields also copped a drenching from the flood water while the Warwick Hockey Association are counting their blessings after the levee banks and sandbagging saved the field from devastation. Once again, an army of volunteers was on hand to clear away debris once the water subsided.

Junior rugby league clubs, Collegians and Eastern suburbs also went under and again thanks to the efforts of volunteers a great deal of damage was avoided with equipment shifted to higher ground. Words cannot express how thankful we are as a club to have had so many volunteers show up and help return the clubhouse back to normal.

To every person who helped in the early hours on Friday morning to lift equipment to higher ground and to every person who helped clear out the mud today- Thankyou.

Many hands made light work today but kids being kids while the adults worked to clean out the mud the kids enjoyed a slip and slide.