Osbourne outscores field

Last Saturday Aaron Osbourne outscored the field of 56 in the Warwick Golf club’s Single Stableford event sponsored BNW Accountants.

Osborne’s winning score of 40 points secured one point win over runner up Charlie Morrison. Morrison’s 39 points an indication he is returning to form. He edged out Trevor Davies in a countback before collecting his runner’s up voucher.

Kris McLennan played an excellent round and finished three under off the stick to record 38 points as did Mal Crawford. The only players with 37 points to win a ball were Eddie Kemp, Ted King and Ron Simon. Bob Lester (37) missed out as did a number of players with 36 points.

Garry Hanson revealed this week that the scores are so tight lately that where once you could win a ball without playing to your handicap now to have any chance you certainly have to play to your handicap.

Charlie Morrison picked up five balls in the Pro Pin on the 13th. Kris McLennan won four balls: Jessie Ollerton three and Ian Wallace a ball.

Allan Matthews was on target at the NTP on the seventh. Adam Nielson found success at both the ninth and 16th and Shane Scotney won the 11th.

This week players will be chasing a win in the May Monthly Medal which is supported by John Dee.

A date for member’s golfing diaries is 28th May – the Cunningham Trophy which is an honour board event supported by Advance Metal Products.

In the interim members will play the Matchplay Championships. Kris McLennan is the top seed and will be attempting to win the stroke play and match play championships.

Sean Haynes is top seed in the “B” grade while David Walker is also attempting to win both match play and stroke play championships in “C” grade.

Ian and Don Stewart and their small band of special helpers have been working hard recently to complete the new buggy sheds. It has been a big job, but the build is nearing completion. This has been great saving to the club and the team is due a very big thank you from everyone for a job well done.