Warwick Bridge Club…

Leanne Munson, Individual Champion (L), concentrates hard while Dianne Dawes looks on.

By Neil Bonnell, Warwick Bridge Club

The winner of the Individual Championship is Leanne Munson, with Havah Nielsen not far behind in second place. Playing with Dianne Dawes on Board 13 (above), Leanne, sitting South, shared a top board by making 4S.

Ten tricks were needed, or to put it another way, Leanne could not afford to lose more than three tricks of the thirteen possible. West made the task a little easier by leading the Ace of diamonds which Leanne could ruff in hand and promote the King in dummy (North). A review of the North/South hands showed that nothing could be done about dummy’s two club losers. Therefore declarer could lose only one trick in either hearts or spades and play the other suit for no losers. At some stage Leanne had to cross to dummy in order to play a heart finesse. The winning play is to take the spade finesse first. The Queen of spades is led and allowed run if not covered by the King. If West does not produce the King, East’s Jack falls and the finesse is repeated. If West does play the King, North’s Ace wins and South’s ten of spades is the highest trump. The ten of hearts then starts the heart finesse; just the one will be enough. Declarer can then draw the remaining trumps, concede a heart and still make ten tricks. There is a trump left in dummy to take care of South’s losing club.

In other news, Pat Kelly has been promoted to the rank of State Master, having amassed more then 50 Masterpoints with the requisite percentage of gold and red points.

Results: Monday, 15/11/21 (6-table Mitchell): N/S N. Collins D. Moran (59.1) 1; J. Rose T. Hinde (55.2) 2; J. Nankervis P. Kelly (51.0) 3. E/W T. Graham L. Munson (63.6) 1; A. Macdonald F. Wells (58.33) 2; B. Reid J. McKeen (53.3) 3.

Friday, 19/11/21 (5-table Individual Championship) Leanne Munson 1; H. Nielsen 2; N. Collins 3.