Tough conditions for sporters

By Casey O'Connor

It is a good thing Stanthorpe Sporters were scheduled to play the back nine last Sunday because they were almost blown there. There was a slightly smaller field turned on Sunday. A couple of regular Sporters had commitments elsewhere and one or two others were dealing with medical issues. Hopefully they will be back firing before too long.

The course was still slow and slightly damp after the rain and keeping the ball on the fairway was the number one priority. The players who did the best were Aaron Simmers who had the lowest nett score of 24 for the nine holes, and runner up Terry Byrnes who returned nett 26.

With the back nine in play there was opportunity of two pin shots to be won. Unfortunately, due to the blustery breeze no one claimed the balls on offer.

It seems that President Ray who is sporting some new equipment has set a trend. Mick Irwin is now swinging a new driver and a three wood and apparently was hitting them pretty well. We expect reports of some good from Mick in the near future.

This Sunday, Sporters play the front nine and organisers are hoping for better playing conditions and a bigger field. Tee off from 7.30 am on Sunday morning and remember everyone is welcome to come and play.