Casey O'Connor.

By Casey O'Connor

Although the NRL season has wrapped up, Rugby League remains in the spotlight. Too often it is for the wrong reason.

Fans (especially Queenslanders) should be excited about the expansion of the game – the Dolphins having been confirmed as the 17th NRL team.

Closer to home came news last week that the Western Clydesdales, playing out of Toowoomba, have received conditional approval from the QRL to enter the 2023 Intrust Super Cup.

This news was tempered by revelations the 2021 Premiers, Penrith damaged the NRL premiership trophy and disrespected it.

Major repairs will be required and that is not a first.

However, images of the Provan Summons figures, the centre piece of the trophy have emerged on social media in what looks to be a pram with the wording “googoo gaga” across the image.

If this is not disrespectful then I am not sure what is.

There can be no excuse for these actions.

Not surprising the NRL bosses are less than happy.

Just when I think I might begin to like this team they come up with another inanely stupid action.

I wonder how Norm Provan, and the family of the late Arthur Summons feel about this latest escapade.

Undoubtedly the league will sanction the Club and players – I believe they should be made to personally apologise to Provan and the Summons family.

Obviously, these Penrith players have no taste for the history of the game which now provides many of them with six figure salaries.

This is not the team’s only indiscretion during their celebrations. They were clearly a group of players out of control and without guidance or leadership.

In my eyes, the 2021 premiers are not “Simply the Best” they are “Simply Insensitive Fools ” who have tarnished their premiership victory