Bridge Notes

By Neil Bonnell, Warwick Bridge Club

The Individual Championship will be held this Friday as a one-day event commencing at 10.30 am. Five table are expected to be in play. There are plenty of former winners of this event who will be looking for another win.

Last Friday, East/West winners, Judy Mobbs and Nea McGinness, were the only pair to make twelve tricks in 5D on Board 21 (above). The bidding could have been brisk: 1D from Judy (East) and 5D from Nea. Even a bid of 4D would hardly have done justice to West’s hand with four trumps, three top spades and a singleton. South was obviously looking for two quick tricks when South led the Ace of clubs, but then had to switch to another suit. A heart would have been the best. Judy (declarer) had no choice but to win with the Ace and then start on trumps. Happily the missing trumps split 2-1. Then the spades could be cashed allowing the losing heart and a club to be discarded from declarer’s hand. Judy now held four good trumps which were high and two losing clubs, which could be trumped in dummy. Any pair who had bid 6D would have been gambling on a favourable split in trumps and partner having one solid major suit. This was one of those hands where bidding to the six level wasn’t safe, but twelve tricks would be needed for a top score.

Results: Monday, 04/10/21 (6-table Mitchell): N/S N. Collins D. Moran (59.1) 1; N. Bonnell T. Hinde (56.1) 2; J. Mobbs S. Goddard (53.3) 3. E/W P. Kelly J. Nankervis (64.2) 1; A. Macdonald M. Johnston (59.9) 2; C. Duggan N. McGinness (55.6) 3. Handicap: N. Collins D.Moran 1; K. Barnett J. Fernie 2. E/W A. Macdonald M. Johnston 1; P. Kelly J. Nankervis 2.

Friday, 08/10.21 (5-table Mitchell): N/S N. Collins M. Simpson (58.0) 1; H.Nielsen J. Rose (57.4) 2. E/W J. Mobbs N. McGinness (63.8) 1; P. Kelly Jenny Smith (61.3) 2.