In this week's spin section, Casey talks about the paralympics.

By Casey O'Connor

The Olympic flame was extinguished in Tokyo for the final time as the Paralympics drew to a close on Saturday night.

The Para games should be an inspiration to all.

These remarkable people show the world that no matter what challenges life throws at you, if you have the right attitude and support you can achieve great things.

There were too many inspirational stories to even begin to unpack them here and to single out one would not be doing just to the many.

Two of Australia’s most popular Para Athletes, swimmer Ellie Cole and Dylan Alcott have announced they will not be competing in Paris in 2024.

While they will be missed, I am sure they have inspired yet another generation of Para’s to aim high and succeed.

We could all do well to draw from the achievements of not just medal winners but all who competed in the Paralympics.

They exude a joy, happiness and peace in life and sport that many of us find unattainable.

Bring on Paris 2024.


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