Catching up with Stanthorpe bowlers

Stanthorpe Bowls Club's B grade Pennants teams had recent success pictured are Brian Brown's team (l/r)Brian Brown, Peter Smith Len Girgenti and Gordon Gallaway.

By Casey O'Connor

Stanthorpe Bowlers disappeared last week – not literally of course a gremlin in the system sent them from the Spin column to who knows where, but we are catching up on all their news this week.

The Bowlers from the Stanthorpe Bowls club have been busy over the past fortnight. Several bowlers found their vaccination appointments clashed with their regular mid-week bowls appointments and wisely made the decision to give their jab priority. As a result, there numbers were down and only two games of three bowl pairs were played. Helen Jones and Ernie Jones just went down to Val White and Bruno Stefanon 15-16 and in the second game Gordon Gallaway and Brian Brown sprinted away from Robyn Rose and David Rose to win 20-12.

The final of the self-selected pairs played were played on 21 August and for those not involved in the final there were two games of three bowl triples. In the first of the triples.

In the much-anticipated final of the Self Selected pairs final honours went to Wendy Hurnall and Frank Gallo after an enthralling match against David Rose and Brian Brown. Brian and David led until the 17th end when fortunes turned for Frank and Wendy. The pair held on for a 25-23 win.

Luisa Girgenti, Garry Trevena, and Ernie Jones won the first of the social game scoring a 20-16 win over Val White Tom Hodgson and Peter Smith 20-16. Players were delighted to see Gary Trevena back on the green following recent surgery. In the second social game Gordon Gallaway Robyn Smith and Mark Wicks proved too strong for G Gallaway John Coleman and Bruno Stefanon. The final score 24-13.

The featured sponsor for the week was Sandro and Ruth Stefanon of Sandro Cabinets.

In the past week Spring has certainly sprung and as the greens are beginning to show a tinge of colour, the weather has been ideal for lawn bowls. There was a good roll up for the mid-week competition this week and two games of three bowl triples were played.

Dot Rankin, Mark Wicks and Brian Brown proved too strong for Luisa Girgenti, Tom Hodgson, and David Rose tch 18-12 scoring an 18-12 win. Gordon Gallaway, Robyn Rose, and Peter Smith out pointed G Gallaway Helen Jones and Ray Rankin. The score 26-10.

Saturday marked the start of the Club selected three bowl triples competition. There were also two social games of three bowl pairs were played.

In the opening game of the social pairs Robyn Rose and Len Girgenti scored a narrow 18-16 win over Luisa Girgenti and Mark Wicks. In the second game Gordon Gallaway and Frank Gallo also notched up an 18-13 win over Wendy Hurnall and David Rose.

In game one of the Club selected triples Val White Ernie Jones scored a come from behind win in their game against Robyn Smith, Bruno Stefanon, and Brian Brown stealing the chocolates with a 17-11 scoreline. Further matches in this competition will be played over coming weeks.

The members of the club wish to pass on their thanks to Frank Gallo and his regular working bee team for the time and effort they put into the rolling and mowing and marking of the greens in addition to their general upkeep.

The club’s featured sponsors Julianne and Alfina from Lifestyle Footwear. The club appreciates the ongoing support of all of their sponsors.