One truly inspirational octogenarian…

Octogenarian Toby Dempster prepares to head off this week on an on an 1800klm ride.

By Casey O'Connor

A big shout out to Toby Dempster who, at the age of 87 years young, is setting off this week to complete what he calls his “commemorative” bike ride. Toby is as fanatical about motor bikes as he is about cricket and plans to retrace a journey he took with three mates back in his teenage age years – well almost. Seventy years ago Toby and his mates rode from Stanthorpe to Cape York.

With a small group fellow riders (younger) this inspirational octogenarian will only ride 1800 klms this time around. He is only going as far as Cairns. Of course then he then has to turn around and ride all the way back to Stanthorpe. We wish you good riding weather and safe travels Toby.