Broncos need to find their pride

By Casey O'Connor

The NRL season relaunch has thrown up quite a few curve balls to fans and tipsters. After last Thursday night’s atrocious performance many long-time fans have fallen out of love with the Broncos. Not just fans either plenty of criticism coming the club’s way from their former players.

Like many other as a Bronco’s supporter I believe, Thursday night’s dismal effort has been a train wreck waiting to happen.

There appears to be something inherently wrong at the club. The pride that has long been associated with the club appears to have evaporated. The pride in the jersey that we have become accustomed to seeing from players seems to have also vanished.

Setting a platform for change and wanting to sweep clean with a new broom should not mean you throw the baby out with the bath water and from the outside that looks to be the case.

It was disappointing to learn that the Broncos boffins were sending out stats to media outlets highlighting their lack of experience (and ergo their poor performance) before the half time break on Thursday night.

Not a good look if you are providing ready-made excuses before the game has reached the half way point.

Sure there is a very young roster but if you move on the majority of your senior players and replace them with relative rookies that is what will happen.

With Alex Glenn, the 2020 captain sidelined, I found it ironic that Carrigan and Croft were thrust into the leadership role for Thursday’s game ahead Darius Boyd. You remember him, the Broncos most senior player and the bloke they felt was good enough to lead them last season.

While Boyd has his fair share of detractors that was a move that has me shaking my head – wonder how he feels.

According to Glenn the players had a long hard look at themselves on Friday at the recovery session and perhaps privately aired some dirty linen. Let’s hope that gives everyone some clean air and results in at least an A for effort this week if not a win.

In the meantime you have to wonder at news the club has cut ties with all their feeder clubs – Redcliffe Dolphins, North’s Devils, South’s Logan Magpies and the Wynnum Manly Sea Eagles. The decision is believed to be related to the effect of COVID-19 on the club’s roster and any changes to the salary cap. Great move – the Dolphins aren’t hanging around and have moved to develop at partnership with the Warriors. Can’t see the other clubs cooling their heels until later in the year either. This could be a big bonus to other clubs and another blow to the Broncos.

Seems that we, “Joe Public” and Broncos’ fans deserve some please explains from the hierarchy and not as one well known commentator put it, “explanations sugar coated with Harvard Spin”.

Fans might not have the benefit of a Harvard degree but they know football and know when they are being hoodwinked.

Better days ahead, we hope.

– Casey


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