In Brief

Warwick Magistrates Court.

Driving under the influence

At Warwick Magistrates Court on Monday, a woman pleaded guilty to one count of driving a motor vehicle with relevant drug present.

At 8.00pm on Saturday 17 March, cannabis was found in the offender’s system on Guy Street, and her driver’s license was subsequently suspended for a month.

She said it was a “silly choice” and a “lapse in judgement”.

However, Magistrate Virginia Sturgess said that if she was caught driving during the suspension period, her license would be disqualified for two years.

Driving without a license

A man was disqualified from driving for six months at Warwick Magistrates Court on Monday after he was found on Tuesday 17 May driving on Wood Street without holding a license.

In March this year, his license was initially suspended for three months due to a loss of demerit points.

Possession of stolen vehicle

A 37-year-old man currently in custody appeared via video conference at Warwick Magistrates Court on Monday.

He pleaded guilty to failing to properly dispose of a syringe and needle, and unlawfully possessing a motor vehicle on 2 February in Allora.

The incident occurred while he was on parole from 8 November 2021.

His representation asked Magistrate Virginia Sturgess not to give him “a sentence that was too crushing”.

However, the Magistrate said the man “hadn’t done anything to value his freedom at all”.

“Police attended and observed the stolen car in Allora but you (the offender) said you weren’t present when the vehicle was delivered,” she said.

“I don’t think that’s true – you were well aware it was a stolen vehicle.”

The Magistrate sentenced the offender to 12 months cumulative jail time on top of his existing sentence (discharge 1 March 2024), with parole eligibility on 20 December this year.

“Think about doing it the right way this time,” Magistrate Sturgess said.

However, after the sentence, the man said he wanted to change his guilty plea and started yelling profanities at the Magistrate.