ARK animal of the week

Tyson is a 5 year old male greyhound.

Southern Downs ARK has a number of dogs and cats up for adoption.

This week we’re highlighting TYSON.

Age: 5 years 4 months

Adoption fee: $275


These beautiful eyes and friendly face belong to Tyson, a 5 year old male greyhound looking for a safe and loving forever home.

Retired from racing some time ago, Tyson is now ready to be the best companion dog he can be and we know he’ll be close to perfect.

True to his breed, Tyson loves everyone and is very friendly.

He requires little grooming and hardly sheds at all.

He is a very clean dog and is house-trained.

He doesn’t bark, though occasionally he may “sing”.

He is super affectionate, good-natured and calm and just loves hanging out with his human family.

Size-wise, Tyson is definitely not the biggest greyhound around and, in fact, is smaller than most greyhounds we’ve had in care.

Not surprisingly, he’s a bit of a lounge lizard and will happily snooze the day away.

He doesn’t need a lot of exercise, but when he’s in the mood, he loves to run.

As soon as he turns his activity switch on, you’ll see a different Tyson, one that greatly enjoys doing “zoomies” and generally romping around in the backyard.

Tyson has two imperfections that we think add to his charm.

Due to an old ear wound that was never repaired, one ear is permanently folded back, but it doesn’t cause him any bother.

Secondly, his front teeth are worn down, presumably from a legacy of frequent play with abrasive tennis balls.

Because Tyson can be speedy, he’s not a suitable companion for little children.

He is dog-friendly, but is currently living happily as an only dog.

Like most former racing greyhounds, he’s not compatible with cats, pocket pets or birds.

Secure fencing is essential.

Prior greyhound experience will be viewed favourably.

Applications from people living in apartments will be considered, provided Tyson’s exercise needs can be met.

If you’re interested in meeting Tyson, please complete the online application form at

His adoption fee is $275 and he is desexed, microchipped and vaccinated, and Tyson is available for interstate adoption.

For more information and enquiries, follow the link: or email