‘Exceptional’ bee swarming season

Spring swarm.

By Emily-Rose Toohey

The Southern Downs Amateur Beekeepers Association experienced an exceptional swarming season last year.

Amateur Beekeepers Association chairman John Craig said in his years of experience, he has never witnessed so many swarms in the area.

“I was contacted about forty swarms – there’s been a lot more to do,” John said.

John has been a member of the association for over ten years and the chairman for three years.

He said swarm season last year began at the end of spring and the increased number of swarms was due to the extra rain.

“If there are problems with bees around the area, we can help,” John said.

The Amateur Beekeepers Association meets on the third Monday evening of each month and also hosts a practical field day.

John said the meetings and field days are for both beekeepers and people wanting to improve their beekeeping skills.

“Beginners of any age or level of experience are welcome to attend to get some practical experience,” he said.

“There’s certainly more to keeping bees than having a hive in the backyard.

“It takes a lot to care and look after hives – feeding well and breeding well.”