Olsens product of the month

Olsens Produce ‘Product of the Month’ for September is… Backrubbers!

A Backrubber for cattle is made of tough polyester with an acrylic polypropylene rope that is suspended between two trees or posts.

Olsens are selling two-metre and three-metre self-feeding Backrubbers.

When charged with an oil and insecticide, such as Nucidol, it is a very effective method of buffalo fly control.

The Australian Livestock Backrubber Insecticide & Applicator is used to control or eradicate Buffalo Fly and thus relieve livestock of the ravages of that insect in an economical, efficient and effective manner.

Tests conducted by well over one hundred Studmasters and cattle and horse breeders, over a period exceeding forty years, have proved that the use of oil type Backrubber Applicators goes a long way in the control of Buffalo Fly. Results of 80 per cent control are common.

The two-metre Backrubbers are $181.01, while the three-metre Backrubbers are $216.60.

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