Condamine Medical Centre says errors in immunisation register have led to abuse

Condamine Medical Centre says errors in the immunisation register have led to abuse towards staff.

Condamine Medical Centre (CMC) Director Dr Lynton Hudson has advised that errors within the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) have created a major workload for the busy CMC Covid-19 clinics over the past several months, in addition to an increase in verbal abuse and aggressive behaviours towards staff.

CMC commenced provision of Astra Zeneca vaccinations in March 2021 with Pfizer clinics operational since mid-June.

A number of highly skilled health professionals came out of retirement to assist the CMC team in providing residents of Warwick and the Southern Downs access to Covid-19 vaccinations.

Dr Hudson says that the CMC Covid team members have been working tirelessly to provide safe and efficient clinics that are easy to access, however issues within the national Services Australia AIR system has left many individuals and families frustrated over the festive season, due to missing vaccination information.

CMC says there is clear nationwide evidence showing errors have been identified as far back as August 2021 with NSW residents being told that a ‘system error’ was to blame. Reportedly, attendees at vaccination clinics conducted at Sydney Olympic Park, RPA Hospital, Bicentennial Park, Sydney Airport and the Canterbury Hospital were advised to complete a NSW Health Covid-19 Vaccination record query form if they identified missing vaccination information through the MyGov site.

The Victorian Department of Health reportedly advised in October 2021 that approximately 10,000 people had reported missing or inaccurate Covid-19 immunisation data.

Dr Hudson stated that anyone who has attended CMC Covid-19 Vaccination Clinics should check their MyGov Medicare Immunisation History.

“If there is any missing vaccination information, please contact our Reception team on 4666 9666, provide us with your details and our Covid-19 team will reload the relevant details,’ he says.

“The CMC Covid-19 team are doing everything in their power to ensure all clinic information is uploaded into the AIR system correctly. We have carried out over 13,000 vaccinations since March 2021, while continuing to ensure that our core business of providing primary health care is not compromised.

“So, it has been very disappointing to hear that our Reception and Covid team members are being verbally threatened and abused, for a situation that is well beyond our control. This is a national problem and the only way CMC can assist is if patients who are either calling or attending the practice in person, are calm, patient and provide Reception staff with relevant details.”