Byrnes’ new look

The statue in early December with a witches hat on Mr Byrnes' head.

The mysterious case of the witches hats on the Thomas Byrnes statue continues, with locals spotting new additions to the statue over the holidays.

While the statue previously had one witches hat atop Mr Byrnes’ head for almost a week, locals spotted a number of hats on the statue as well as the new addition of a construction hat on Mr Byrnes’ head.

Locals also reported spotting a XXXX in Mr Byrnes’ hand, with the decorators most likely feeling Mr Byrnes’ deserved to have a beer and relax over the holidays.

The statue is no stranger to getting dressed up, with it traditionally donning knitted attire every year for Jumpers and Jazz in July.

Perhaps this years’ Jumpers and Jazz in July addition can riff off the construction theme somehow?