Joey Scout Camp

Last weekend William went to another Joey Scout camp at the Den.

By William Lister

Last weekend I went to another Joey Scout camp at the Den, but it was a bit short because it was only for two days and one night.

The first thing that we did was Indigenous style paintings.

There were two group: stripes and dots, and I was in the stripes group.

We got to grind up chalk to use as paint to paint my face and some rocks.

The next thing that I did was make homemade pizza.

And the stripes group got to cook first.

And then as soon as we made the pizza it was night time.

And we were cooking marshmallows and playing a game in the dark.

Then we did a bush walk and kept playing the game.

As soon as we got to bed Kanga read us a bedtime story.

The next morning we woke up and as soon as we got dressed and packed up we went on another bush walk to a river.

And then we used fishing nets to catch yabbies and the younger Joey’s used long butterfly nets.

And then Dad came to pick me up early and Dad and I went to the LNP Christmas party at lunch time.

It was a great camp and it was Possum’s last camp with the Stanthorpe Scout Group.

Thank you Possum (Ann Richardson) for everything you have done for us, we will miss you.