Livestock markets update

Livestock agent ROSS ELLIS of McDougall and Sons brings us an update on the local lamb and cattle markets from last week…

Agents saw a lift in numbers after the rain with a yarding of 901head for the weekly sale.

There was a very good yarding of trade and export cattle, which was well supported by the local and export purchasers.

The back to the paddock buyers and replacement buyers were not left in the lurch.

Cattle numbers

Vealer steers averaged 649.3c/kg to a top of 746.2c/kg or $1649.22 av to a top of $2194.33

Vealer heifers average 535.2c/kg to a top of 656.2c/kg or $1382.71 av to a top of $2032.00

Feeder steers averaged 524.9c/kg to a top of 623.2c/kg or $2265.43 av to a top of $2852.77

Feeder heifers averaged 450.7c/kg to a top of 500c/kg or $1762.63 av to a top of $2569.84

Yearling steers averaged 605.2c/kg to a top of 800.2c/kg or $1894.86 av to a top of $2635.29

Yearling heifers averaged 504.1c/kg to a top of 624.2c/kg or $1622.02 av to a top of $2029.96

Steers averaged 502.6c/kg to a top of 598.2c/kg or $2198.25 av to a top of $3375.00

Heifers averaged 439.4c/kg to a top of 516.2c/kg or $2134.11 av to a top of $3226.25

Manufacturing steers averaged 414.3c/kg to a top of 432.2c/kg or $2766.20 av to a top of $3543.10

Cows averaged 397.5c/kg to a top of 434.2c/kg or $2255.68 av to a top of $3554.25

Bulls averaged 375.1c/kg to a top of 540.2c/kg or $2439.40 av to a top of $3681.50

Sheep and lamb numbers

Sheep and Lamb numbers fell but were still consistent with previous sales.

Lambs topped at $240 to average $183.92 down $7/head av on last sale

Hoggets topped at $240 to average $171.96 a rise of $17/head on previous sale

Ewes topped at $200 to average $118.59 down by $33/head on previous sale

Wethers topped at $170 to average $141.10 a drop of $13/head on previous sale

Lamb rams topped at $223 to average $159.83 a rise of $16/head on previous sale

Total sale average was $176.47/head a drop of $2/head over previous sale.

Pig and poultry numbers

Pork numbers rose with quite a few store pigs coming on the market. Sows sold to $400, Boars sold to $190, Baconers sold to $265, Stores sold from $62 to $194

Pork should start to increase in price and numbers as we move into the Festive season.

Poultry numbers continue to fill the pens across the spectrum Hens & chicks selling to $60, Chicks to $15.50, Pullets to $10, Bantams to $22.50, Quails to $17.50, Guinea Fowl to $20, Ducklings to $15, Drakes to $10, Roosters unfortunately were hard to get above a $1 bid for the amount up for sale.

McDougall and Sons sheep and lamb report

Agents today yarded a total of 1380 head for the weekly sale, the yarding had a little bit of everything with a few lines of good fresh trade lambs some nice light feed on types and some ewe and lamb units.

One of the major buyers was not operating but the vendors had some relief with the other main buyer returning to the fold.

The sale prices held their own with the better finished trade and feed on lambs’ firm with mutton easing from previous sales.

Lambs topped at $240 to average $183.92 ($7down), hoggets topped at $274 to average $171.96 ($17up), ewes topped at $200 to average $118.59 ($33down), wethers topped at $170 to average $141.10 ($13down), rams topped at $204 to average $163.67 ($44up), lamb rams topped at $223 to average $159.83 ($2down).

• Shelley F/T sold Dorper x lambs 63.75 to Eversons for $231, hoggets 63.75 to Eversons for $203, Xbred lambs 55kg to Ashtons Butchery for $226

• Daddamarine Trust sold Dorper x hoggets 57.6kg to Eversons for $150

• Phil Sissman P/L sold Dorset x lambs 55.83kg to Ashtons Butchery for $216, 62.5kg to Easy Meats for $223, 35kg to restocker for $148

• Callygoora Holdings sold Merino lambs 49.3kg with a half wool skin to Eversons for $170, 46.6kg to Warwick Meats for $162

• Arcot White Dorpers sold 49.1kg lambs to Eversons for $195, restockers for $165, 50.38kg hoggets to restockers for $192, rams to Whites Trading for $140, ewe and lamb unit to restockers for $196

• Paul Horner sold Suffolk x lambs 59kg to Eversons for $205, 77kg hoggets to Eversons for $190, wethers to GR Prime for $170

• Estate of Alan Scells sold Merino wethers off shears to Everons for $130, ewes to Highchester Meats for $100

• Geoff Rathmell sold Dorper x lambs and hoggets 43.3kg to Highchester Meats for $185 and $161

• Stillwater Dorpers sold lambs 42.77kg to restockers for $199, 41.72 to Leslie lamb for $190

• Sunnymount Dorpers sold ewe lambs 47.1kg to Elliots Butchery for $192

• Coolmunda Olives sold Dorper lambs 43.5kg to Elliots Butchery for $196, 35kg to restockers for $156

• Lindsay & Anne Boyle sold Dorper ram lambs 32.3kg to Highchester Meats for $151