A rodeo romance

By Dominique Tassell

Warwick was swept up in its very own love story this past week after a sign was put up in the CBD by a man named Matt.

“Where is my rodeo girl,” he asked.

“I held ur hand for only a moment- with a note I wrote 4 u, ur friends called me over- said u were shy- I liked that, we only spoke 4 a minute- was it a dream?”

Matt then called for the girl to call him.

The sign was featured on various media outlets, with people from far and wide now invested in the romance.

Locals commented on our post that the sign was “so cute” and “so sweet”.

Not everyone is on board with this love story, however, with some saying Matt should move on after not receiving a call back.

“This is kinda creepy,” Tamra Bundy wrote online.

Some have also pointed out that Matt’s Rodeo Girl may know a few Matts.

It’s fair to say the whole town is invested, and keen to know if Matt has received that call yet.