The History of Pozieres out now

The History of Pozieres by Paul Munson started out as a history of the school and grew into a much bigger project.

By Dominique Tassell

When Paul Munson sat down to write his book on the history of Pozieres School, he didn’t expect it to turn into a comprehensive history of the town itself.

The Pozieres Anniversary Committee accepted his offer to compile a booklet on the history of the school on 26 September 2020.

“I thought I had plenty of time but like topsy the project grew,” Paul said.

“Now the finished book encompasses a comprehensive history of Pozieres and the people who settled here over the last century, as well as the school’s history.”

Paul says he had immense community help, with people lending him photos and contributing articles, and answering his many phone calls and emails.

He says he has come to appreciate what a great little school Pozieres is, “and this is a result of the influence of the district, parents, and teachers”.

“Schools are born, grow, and sometimes die because of events in the community, and Pozieres has had its fair share of ups and downs.”

He has received immense support for the book, with John Raine, who taught Paul in year four at Pozieres, stating he was “impressed with (Paul’s) depth of coverage”.

“The book is one of possibly many on the history/heritage of the District, but yours incorporates a feeling of genuine warmth towards the various generations it covers.

John stated this was a credit to Paul for his perseverance and persistence in tracking down the people for their family histories.

“The wealth of stories contributed, give a sense of gratitude to all who read it for the tremendous effort made by those who endured the hardships thrown up by the harsh conditions”.

“This is truly an account of our heritage which we can be justly proud of,” John said.

The book is available at Poziers State School, Vincenzo’s Cafe in Thulimbah, Stanthorpe Museum, Stanthorpe Visitor Information Centre, Hynes Newsagency in Warwick, or from Paul himself.

You can contact Paul on 4661 5051 or email him at