Livestock markets update

By McDougall and Sons

Agents yarded 844 head to the weekly cattle sale, the market was firm for most descriptions with the dearer portion being back to the paddock and re-stocker articles.

Feeder and yearling steers made up the bulk of the offering with a larger offering of steers and manufacturing steers also available.

Cattle numbers

Vealer steers averaged 578.8c to 716.2c/kg or $$1425.94 to $1853.22

Vealer heifers averaged 487.9c to 562.2c/kg or $1291.34 to $1685.53

Feeder steers averaged 498.7c to 542.2c/kg or $2102.56 to $2600.00

Feeder heifers averaged 468.3c to 508.2c/kg or $1713.66 to $2021.88

Yearling steers averaged 510.7c to 640.2c/kg or $1754.45 to $2306.73

Yearling heifers averaged 455.1c to 511.2c/kg or $1532.45 to $2011.88

Steers averaged 423.8c to 495.2c/kg or $2434.11 to $2962.12

Heifers averaged 392c to 428.2c/kg or $2066.16 to $3339.96

Manufacturing steers averaged 387.4c to 428.2c/kg or $2292.31 to $2740.48

Cows averaged 357.6c to 395c/kg or $2000.27 to $2973.36

Cows & calves sold for an average of $2125 to a top of $2425

Sheep and lamb numbers

Sheep and lamb numbers were back slightly to 875 with the market remarkably averaging a $1/head mark up on last sale. The yarding was more skewed to the light weight and replacement market.

Lambs topped at $262 to average $198.44 a rise of $7/head

Hoggets topped at $240 to average $182.17 a rise of $7/head

Ewes topped at $265 to average $131.59 a drop of $2/head

Wethers topped at $170 to average $148.57 a drop of $15/head

Lamb rams topped at $240 to average $194.30 a rise of $35/head

Total yarding averaged $185.06/head a rise of $1/head week on week.

Pork and poultry numbers

Pork and poultry numbers were back with limited orders in the markets.

Boars sold from $106 to $125, Sows to $330, Baconers to $158, Pork to $128, Stores from $71 to $171.

Drakes sold to $27.50, Ducks to $20, Hens to $27.50, Roosters to $17.50, Pullets to $25, hen and chicks sold to $50/ unit.

McDougall and Sons sheep and lamb report

Agents today yarded 875 head for the weekly yarding of sheep and lambs.

The breakdown was skewed towards the light end with fewer numbers of trade and export lambs in the yard.

Mutton was in good demand for the better types as well as replacement ewes keenly sought after.

Lambs topped at $262 to average $198.44($7 up), hoggets topped at $240 to average $182.17($7up), ewes topped at $265 to average $131.59 ($2 down), wethers topped at $170 to average $148.57 ($15 down), lamb rams topped at $240 to average $194.30 ($35 up).

The total sale averaged $185.06 a rise of $1/head on last week’s sale.

• Gordon Donovan sold Dorset lambs 65kg shorn to Thomas Foods for $215, shorn hoggets 65kg to restockers for $217, sucker unshorn lambs 43.3kg to Eversons for $199

• Glen Merrit sold Dorper lambs 48.3kg to Ashtons Butchery for $223

• Camrose P/S sold Dorper lambs 49.1kg to Ashtons Butchery for $225, 43.3kg to Jock Young for $195, 54.2kg ram lambs to Eversons for $200

• Cuzens Farming sold Dorper lambs 47.5kg , wether portion to Ashtons Butchery for $224, ewe portion to restockers for $230, ewes to restockers for $265

• James Cooper sold Dorper lambs 45kg to Jock Young for $200

• Jack & Sally Sloss sold Merino lambs 70kg to Thomas Foods for $239, 45.78kg to Eversons for $202, 54kg hoggets to Eversons for $184, wethers to Eversons for $160 and $164

• Vermont Past Co sold shorn Merino cfa ewes to Eversons for $141

• John & Regina Henry sold Dorper x ewes to Eversons for $200

• Ian & Pat Mapes sold Merino ewes off lucerne to Eversons for $180

• Angevin Sheepmaster Stud in a first for the yards sold some hogget rams 63kg and 52kg to restockers for $180 and $130 , older rams to GR Prime for $140. The breed originated in WA and was brought across to the Eastern states by the original breeders who are based in the New England. A breed that has shedding potential and shows some leg.