Letters to the editor

We received two letters to the editor this week.

The Million Dollar Vax Alliance

The Million Dollar Vax Alliance is designed to credit in a most generous way those who now decide to get vaccinated. No thanks to those diligent, conscientious, caring Australians who are already vaccinated and who didn’t require coercion. So is this the new norm to explain social values to our young?

Anne Lindsay, Stanthorpe

Dear Emu Swamp Brigade

First, I’m not against dams as such but I’m against Emu Swamp Dam and have been since it was first proposed, reasons for my opposition include it is too small to drought proof the district, it is a very shallow dam, and has the risk of radiation pollution. Understandably investors are angry but if my predictions are correct, their anger now will be nothing compared to their anger if the dam is a dud.

Incidentally every councillor and candidate I have spoken to has been in favour of a dam, but when I ask the Councillors/candidates to have a look at the trickle at the causeway below the Emu Swamp then have a look at the amount of water at the second or third crossing, everyone has changed their mind, I would like you to go for a drive and see for yourself then tell me why you would support Emu Swamp.

Yes, I agree with Mr Emu Swamp Brigade let’s all get behind building a dam, but certainly not Emu Swamp, but fight for a decent dam like the one that Marika McNichol proposed that will drought proof the Granite Belt not only for a few years but for our grandchildren and the generation that hasn’t been born yet, at this site a dam could be built that could hold between 20 and 40 times the volume of the Emu Swamp puddle.

Yours faithfully,

Mr John Salata, Glen Aplin