Naming the street a better way to go, radio says

The cul-de-sac that John Moulder thinks could be named Graham Buchner Way.

By Dominique Tassell

Southern Downs Regional Council may have opened community consultation for the naming of the new radio station in Victoria Park, but members of Rose City FM aren’t so keen on naming the building.

They do, however, have thoughts on how to honour a beloved local in a different way.

John Moulder, President of Rose City FM, said that personally he is against the building having a name.

He does think that the cul-de-sac leading up to the new building, which is currently unnamed, could be named in honour of community hero, Graham Buchner, who sadly passed away earlier this week.

John says that he thinks a name like Graham Buchner Way would suit, and that it could be accompanied by a monument to let people know who he was and why he is so important to our community.

“We wouldn’t mind even putting the money towards a monument there for Graham,” John said.

He says he doesn’t think naming the building itself would be that effective, as people will most likely always call it Rose City FM or ‘the radio station’.

Giving the road a name would mean that the station’s address will include the tribute.

He also thinks having a monument in the park will mean that more people know about Graham’s legacy as travellers stop through there frequently.

Other names that have been suggested for the building include something to connect it to the old names of Wallaby Hill or Hospital Park.

John says this would take some explaining to visitors though, and locals will probably still always refer to the building as the radio station.

The radio station is also currently looking for a location to put their antenna, and said they’ve looked at a few locations in the last couple of days.

John said they haven’t got that “cast in stone” just yet.

He said they need a high spot to place it, but also need to be able to have power connected to it.

It’s getting the power there that’s proving to be the problem.

Currently, a property West of Warwick and owned by a local is looking the most promising.

The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBWA) will have to approve whatever location the radio decides on.

“There’s lot of little hoops to jump through,” John said.

Locals interested in having their say on the naming of the building, or supporting John’s suggestion of naming the street instead, can do so by visiting