William’s weekend

William dressed in pink and purple for Miss Santina.

By William Lister, Age 7

On the weekend Mum and Jeremy and I went to Jeremy’s piano lesson with Mrs Chapman and then we went to Jamwork’s for lunch and I had the best chicken curry ever in my life.

The rest for Saturday was pretty boring and Dad was away in Goomburra. On Sunday Dad drove back to Stanthorpe really early and went to the spring stampede early in the morning and then we finally got to see him after he had been away.

Then Dad, Jeremy, Nonna and Dan Dan and I all went to the foxbar falls open day which I’d been waiting for all day. It was really great and Dad said he’ll take me camping there maybe on the holidays.

Dad took our kayaks in the back of his ute and Jeremy and I went kayaking and we found a rocky island in the middle of the dam and I fell in but it wasn’t deep and I had a life jacket.

Mum was at a violin rehearsal at the art gallery all afternoon. When Mum got home from her violin stuff we had a BBQ for dinner on the back patio which we haven’t done for ages and then Dad had to pack and go back to Brisbane for Parliament.

On Monday we got dressed up in pink and purple to show support for our friend Santina who is in hospital. I hope Miss Santina feels better soon. The photo is of me dressed in pink and purple for Miss Santina.