Gardenfest and Trade Fair around the corner

Locals Judy Blank and Lorraine Feurer at a past year's Gardenfest event.

By the Stanthorpe Garden Club

Have you been out in your garden recently? Not just a quick frenzied dash up the front path – have you been for a really good look around your garden including out the back?

It has been proven by scientists that a spot of gardening, even on those cold, damp and grey days, will lift your spirits and warm you up. Gardening for pleasure is very beneficial for your health.

Gardening in the winter can be a bit of challenge when plants are looking tattered and weather worn. But spring is with us now and summer is not that far off, so it is an exciting time to be outside getting some dirt on our hands.

OK, good old mother nature sometimes brings a shower or two of rain on the weekends just when you have some outdoor time, but it is not difficult to find a sheltered spot to do some therapeutic gardening to chase away any blues. Even five minutes outdoors can lift your spirits, be it a short walk or a spot of gardening, and it will do wonders for your mental and physical wellbeing.

If you garden for pleasure, you may not be aware how beneficial this hobby is for your health. While you are preparing your garden plot to grow fresh veggies, or you are busy turning the compost pile, or doing basic gardening activities such as mowing the lawn or raking up leaves, you are actually doing a decent amount of exercise as well! It is far less expensive than going to the gym for a weekly visit!

Just think of the relaxation you experience when working in the garden. Gardening is one of life’s few simple pleasures. It is the creating, the designing, the improving of our surroundings and the selecting from the vast array of plants and hard landscaping materials and subjects that entices us into this wonderful hobby of gardening.

Perhaps you are a little short on ideas for your garden? Then why not visit the 2021 Stanthorpe Gardenfest and Trade Fair being held in the Exhibition Centre at the Showgrounds, High Street, Stanthorpe on Friday 8 and Saturday 9 October from 9am until 4pm. Admission is free.

This is a tremendous opportunity to view the latest releases in garden plants which are totally tolerant of local conditions. Collect some inspiring ideas from the plants people and landscaping specialists or purchase a plant garden ornament to fill in that vacant spot in the garden.

Come along to the 2021 Stanthorpe Gardenfest and Trade Fair. You will be most welcome and we look forward to your company. As an added bonus, think of the exercise you will gain digging all of those holes to plant your purchases when you return home to your garden.