Prospector the pick for Pratten

Southern Downs Regional Council has endorsed a name for a proposed new road in Pratten.

By Dominique Tassell

Southern Downs Regional Council (SDRC) has endorsed a name for a proposed new road in Pratten.

The new road to be named is a newly constructed road reserve off Big Hill Road in Pratten.

There was some confusion over the purpose of the motion, with Councillor Marco Gliori asking for confirmation that they were to choose a name from the list in the agenda.

Councillor Gliori stated that “having spoken to a lot of locals who have rediscovered that area out there in their retirement and the road less travelled during Covid which a lot of people are taking, Prospectors Road jumps out at me but I’d be interested to hear the other councillor’s opinions.”

Councillor Sheryl Windle stated that Prospectors Road was her choice as well, “because I think it’s very fitting for the area”.

“If you speak to a lot of the locals out there, they’ll tell you about the history with Pratten and the…mines and I think that Prospectors Road was certainly my choice.

“It was the one that jumped out at me as well.”

Councillor Stephen Tancred thanked Councillors Gliori and Windle for adding information, but said he unfortunately didn’t know the area that well.

“I wouldn’t feel that I had any ability to vote on any of these six (names) other than on what I hear here today.

“I’m just wondering if we can’t ask the community to vote on all six.”

The Mayor confirmed it would be going to consultation, with the CEO stating that the six names before Council came from the community.

He confirmed the purpose of the motion was for Council to endorse a name and that will go back to the community.

Councillor Tancred stated that “if it’s going back then I’m sure we won’t get it too wrong”.

Councillor Jo McNally raised that policy dictates that street names should not be in plural form.

“They were quite adamant that it should be singular.

“They were quite clear on that.”

Council then agreed to put forward the road name in singular form, as Prospector Road.

Councillor Ross Bartley praised the name for being so apt for the location.

“There’s prospectors out there everywhere,” he stated.

“All the establishments are doing very well out there on weekends.

“It’s literally a small gold rush on weekends.

Mayor Vic Pennisi stated it seemed there was no one opposed to Prospector.

Councillor Cameron Gow stated he was happy to take the advice of the other councillors, and not opposed to Prospector.

The endorsed name of Prospector Road will now go to public consultation with the community of Pratten.