WIRAC centre ‘past its use-by date’ but action plan in the works

The jazzercise event at Jumpers and Jazz in July received a special mention during the Council meeting.

By Dominique Tassell

Southern Downs Regional Council (SDRC) received the monthly report for WIRAC at the 25 August meeting, stating the centre is “past its use-by date” but that an action plan for upgrades is in the works.

The report stated that while during winter the centre has closed an hour earlier, normal summer hours will recommence later this month.

The centre stated that the weekly rock wall program had become “unviable” due to a lack of instructors and had in turn been cancelled.

The program will now only run on holidays and during school programs when the instructor is available.

The report referenced the World’s Largest Jazzercise attempt made by the centre during the Jumpers and Jazz Festival, stating that despite the bad weather on the day it was a success.

Councillor Andrew Gale stated during the meeting that he would “like to pay special mention to all of the staff at YMCA who assisted in that great, fun, day that we had” at the event.

“The council staff who assisted and anyone who gave up their time to come and attend, but I’d like to make special mention of manager Karen and also Terri,” he said.

“We were very determined on Saturday morning that we would never hold an event like this again, such was the level of stress around it,” he said.

“However I’m proud to report that since then we’ve gotten together and I think we’re going to have another crack at the world record next year so I’d like to pay special mention to them.

“It’s never an easy time, particularly with the weather challenges.

“I’d also like to thank the other councillors and community members and sponsors that I managed to seek out.”

Councillor Stephen Tancred stated that he too was involved in that world record attempt as the Chief Steward.

“It’s quite onerous having to take a clipboard and walks amongst rows and rows of people in lycra doing exercise,” he joked. “But it was a task I took on willingly.”

“I’d like to congratulate Councillor Gale for organising it, and encourage the community to participate next year and improve the Australian record to a world record.”

The report went on the address the ongoing upgrades at the centre, and how the centre is simply “past its use-by date” and needs work done.

The report stated that the air handling system in the hydrotherapy pool has been a problem since its installation, however is now out of warranty which means a new plan of action for repairs is being pursued.

WIRAC stated that to combat the ongoing issues, they will continue discussing with council and will create an action plan soon.