Family of ducks unveiled

Cr. Marco Gliori, Maggie Brockie, Cr. Jo McNally, and Cr. Sheryl Windle.

By Dominique Tassell

Maggie Brockie’s ‘The Duck Family’ Sculpture was unveiled on Thursday 2 September, and can now be admired below the Big Thermometer on Quart Pot Creek in Stanthorpe.

The ducks accompanies her already installed scultpure in Weeroona Park.

Maggie Brockie said at the unveiling that she didn’t necessarily have a story to accompany the sculptures.

“I’ll leave that up to your imagination”.

Merryl Anderson, a local who attended the unveiling, said it was “nice to see so many people” there.

Southern Downs Regional Councillors Marco Gliori, Jo McNally, and Sheryl Windle were in attendance.

The sculpture was funded by the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF), which is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Southern Downs Regional Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.

Councillor Gliori spoke in support of the fund, stating “they’re supporting the arts and culture in regional Queensland and they should always be thanked because they did such a wonderful job.”

Councillor Gliori supported Maggie’s statement that the sculpture will be personal to everyone who views it.

He recalled a memory of “a busy city highway, when traffic came to a unanimous halt as a proud mother duck waddled across the highway leading 12 fragile duckling who followed trustingly”.

“Not a horn, not a curse, not an air of frustration.

“Car windows smothered with the faces of curious children, adults alike to get a better view.

“Smiling as the parade shuffled proudly off the road, into the nearby storm drain, unaware in that brief moment they had created wellbeing.

“They had inspired a society to breathe deep and connect with the spirit that is Mother Nature.

“To stop and think.

“Maggie, your creations here offer these moments to those who pass by and we thank you for that.”

He encouraged Maggie to take pride in her work “as we are proud of you”.