Skid marks stain local roads

The stretch of Glen Road between Newby and Diery streets is particularly tainted. Pictures: JESS BAKER

By Jess Baker

Residents of Warwick’s Glen Road awoke on Wednesday 23 June to a familiar but disappointing scene – burnout tyre marks blackened the roadway, bins were knocked over, and rubbish was strewn across the pavement.

Glen Road resident Annie Green said her husband had put out the bins for kerbside collection late Tuesday evening and neither of them had heard or seen anything unusual, until the next morning.

“He was up at about 6am (Wednesday) morning and he noticed it had been knocked over,” Annie said.

“Luckily it was the recycle bin so he put all the stuff back in it, not too much damage … but then you sort of worry … if the car gets out of control will it be in one of our bedrooms?”

Annie said she often hears cars hooning around on Glen Road and black skid marks have long been a feature of the street.

“It’s just stupid. Especially when it’s a family area … you just worry about the safety,” she said.

“It’s supposed to be a 60 kilometre (per hour) zone, but (it’s) not very often people do 60 kilometres.”

A local resident, who asked to remain anonymous, said he was heading into town on Wednesday morning when he stopped to help a resident clean up their spilled rubbish.

He said there has been “skidding behaviour” along Glen Road for some time, but it seemed to just be getting worse.

“You could have a fatality,” he said.

Warwick police acting officer-in-charge Shane Reid said hooning was, and continues to be, a significant problem.

“I think there’s a group of hoons – some of whom we are aware of and have successfully prosecuted in the recent months – but there are also other members of the group who continue to conduct this behaviour,” acting Senior Sergeant Reid said.

“But we can’t be everywhere 24/7 and we just ask that the public provide information when it’s happening so that we can respond.”

Warwick police asked that at any time people notice groups of cars congregating in an area or conducting “hooning-type activity” such as burnouts or street racing, they contact Policelink on 131 444 and immediately report the behaviour.