A legend lives on in art

Helen Robinson.

By Kaz Thorpe, Arts Writer

Helen Robinson was a true force of nature.

Moving from Sydney with her beloved husband Evan to escape the rat race, Helen embraced Warwick, its lifestyle and its community.

Warwick also allowed Helen to indulge in her deep love of animals. Helen and Evan were nationally known breeders of curly-coated retrievers and having property allowed them to own horses as well.

As Bunnings Community Officer, Helen’s “bubbly personality” enjoyed helping community groups and schools.

Around 2010, Helen became attracted to landscape photography. Five years later upgrading her equipment and software, she threw herself into it with her usual passion.

Helen became an awarding-winning photography artist. She was grand champion in photography at the Allora Show in 2015 and exhibited in the Downlands Prize in 2019.

She was chosen as emerging artist in Brisbane’s Art from the Margins in 2020. Helen was also selected as a finalist in the Stanthorpe ART Prize on three occasions.

She would have been chuffed when she sold her entry in the 2021 event, but she never lived to know.

Helen was diagnosed with ‘NETS’ – neuroendocrine cancer, an uncommon type of tumour that forms in the cells, on 3 November 2015.

It is usually incurable as 60 percent of NETs are advanced by the time patients are correctly diagnosed.

As best they could, Helen and Evan ignored “the elephant in the room”.

Helen became an ambassador for the NETs community. She also assisted other NETs patients with their journey through her “mentorship and guidance” and was highly regarded.

Helen “lived every day as it came”, said Evan.

Her diagnosis never dimmed her passion for community and the Arts. If she was feeling OK, she would give her all.

Despite the terminal diagnosis, Helen and Evan decided to finally open their art gallery – a long held passion: Art @ The Precinct 145 Victoria St Warwick Queensland 4370.

Tragically, Helen died a week before her gallery’s opening. Yet, she had fulfilled her dream, trusting her darling husband to nurture it and see it grow.

Helen’s magnificent landscapes fill two walls of the gallery, and so they should, but she wanted a space for local artists to exhibit too.

Pastels, watercolours, oils, prints, ceramics, steam punk, textile art and eco-dying fill the gallery. Visitors to Warwick and locals, now have an opportunity to buy great local art in contemporary surroundings.

Despite his deep grief Evan is committed to seeing the gallery thrive. As part of the Jumpers and Jazz festival, Evan is organising a wine, cheese and art night on 17th July from 4pm.

Tickets available on their website: https://www.artattheprecinct.com.au/. Meet Max the curly-coated retriever. See you there!