Lister backs predecessor’s presidency bid

Southern Downs MP James Lister said a Springborg LNP presidency would be "a giant step in the right direction".

By Jess Baker

Member for Southern Downs James Lister has said he will be backing his predecessor’s bid for the Liberal National Party (LNP) presidency.

Former LNP opposition leader and now Goondiwindi Mayor Lawrence Springborg has confirmed he intends to run for the party presidency at the state convention in July.

“David Crisafulli has a big job to do and as party president I want to help bring the two wings of the LNP back together,” Cr Springborg said.

“That is the aim. Nothing more, nothing less.”

The announcement comes after Cr Springborg was removed from the Queensland party’s executive mid last year, a move which Mr Lister called “one of a number of desperate and bone-headed moves by senior party members lately”.

“Amazingly, they still maintain that it was because Lawrence wasn’t qualified. Are they for real?” he said.

“In my opinion, that’s an outright fib and a discourtesy to the intelligence of all Queenslanders.”

Mr Lister said Cr Springborg being elected president would be “a giant step in the right direction”.

“In the meantime, I ask the current unelected leadership group to stop making dumb, unsupported and politically offensive decisions which hurt on our reputation, our members and our voter support,” he said.

He urged LNP members to elect a “sensible group of loyal and capable people” to support Cr Springborg in his run for president.

“David Crisafulli deserves clear air so that he can do his job of holding the Palaszczuk Government to account, and putting forward the policies and leadership that Queenslanders are looking for,” he said.