SDRC budget process underway

SDRC will complete an initial review of the draft 2021-22 budget in mid-April.

By Jess Baker

Southern Downs Regional Council’s 2021-22 budget process has commenced.

A Council spokesperson said SDRC has completed a preliminary budget workshop, discussed key areas for consideration and is now developing its draft budget for 2021-22.

“Council has completed a workshop which included an update on Council’s financial position, reconsideration of proposed waste management initiatives and a presentation on the impact of Council’s rating structure on the recent land revaluation by the Valuer-General,” said the spokesperson.

“The Queensland Treasury Corporation also delivered a presentation on Key Budget Considerations immediately following the workshop.”

The spokesperson noted Council’s draft Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan 2021-22 is now open for public consultation until Tuesday 27 April 2021.

SDRC will determine rates and charges during the budget process using newly-released land valuations from the Valuer-General.

As part of the budget process, SDRC will consider the cost of providing services, facilities and infrastructure and how it will fund such activities, keeping in mind SDRC’s primary source of revenue is through rates and charges.

“Council officers are now developing the draft budget based on the direction provided at the workshop, and is often the case, budget submissions total more than available funds,” said a SDRC spokesperson.

“Council will complete an initial review of the draft budget in a follow-up workshop in mid-April.

“As in previous years, the final draft budget will be available for public comment. It is expected the budget will be adopted in late June.”

Last year, the draft 2020-21 budget was adopted at a special council meeting held 29 May and was open for public feedback and submissions for a period of three weeks.