Textile artists gather

Leanne Olivotto and Loretta Grayson.

By Jeremy Sollars

A number of the ‘Yarntopians’ got together last weekend at the Warwick Art Gallery for a casual craft afternoon as preparations for the 2021 Jumpers and Jazz in July Festival in Warwick get under way.

Or, perhaps put more accurately, as preparations continue – with ‘J&J’ cancelled in 2020 a range of ideas and concepts which had been put together with so much passion ahead of last year’s festival have rolled over into 2021.

The ‘Yarntopians’ are working on an installation for the Orange Wall Gallery – the front exhibition space at the Warwick Art Gallery, having previously exhibited in the foyer area. This year’s theme is ‘The Living Room’ and will feature life-sized textile representations of objects such as furniture, pot plants and lampshades, with a ‘vintage’ 1960s and 1970s theme.

As well as their local members, dozens of ‘Yarntopians’ from around Australia have sent contributions – through the mail – over several years now to be included in past gallery installations. The group also undertakes ‘Yarn Bombing’ projects of notable landmarks around the Warwick CBD in the lead-up to Jumpers and Jazz, ‘dressing’ them in hand-crafted ‘jumpers’ to get into the winter spirit. The good news is that anyone can contribute – the movement is open to people of all skill levels and textile interests, be it knitting, crochet, macramé or simply stitching and ‘setting out’.

Many more working bees will be held over the next several months – the best way to find out more is to visit the Warwick Art Gallery website where you’ll find links to the Jumpers and Jazz Festival. You can also receive free newsletter updates from the ‘Yarntopians’ – simply email – loretta.grayson@sdrc.qld.gov.au


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