By Allison Alderman

Whether you are a tourist or a local – Warwick’s Pringle Cottage Museum is a ‘must see’ on your bucket list.

Owned by the Warwick and District Historical Society, the museum complex is a wonderful surprise package of buildings and artefacts, and is staff by a lovely group of dedicated volunteers.

The main building, ‘Pringle Cottage’, circa 1870, was built on-site by Scottish stonemason John McCulloch for his family home. Step inside and you step back in time.

The museum grounds are fabulous and there is no much to see…

– The ‘Shepherd’s Hut’ shows how tough life was for some on the land, and the General Store is an eye-opener for the self-service checkout generation of today

– The ‘Emporium’ has an extensive array – including photographic equipment, a military display and many artefacts from Warwick’s history. There is also a bar, a church, as well as clothing, machinery, tools and wagons and more – that will show a life long gone, but we hope never forgotten

The amazing Historical Society volunteers are trying to keep history alive for our future generations. They rely on donations, and need our support.

So, if you have never been, or it’s a long time since you have been to Pringle Cottage Museum, it’s time to get family and friends together and play tourist in your own town.

Take some mystery out of our history and get educated at Pringle Cottage Museum!


• Tuesday & Thursday, 9am – 12pm

• Friday, 10am – 3pm

• Saturday & Sunday, 12pm – 3pm

• Or by appointment – please call 0429 941 073