Music to lead the way


By Tania Phillips

 Weekly performances in Stanthorpe each

Saturday are the latest part of a campaign to

create Special Entertainment precincts in the


The performances from 11am to noon

each week are part of the push being made by

the Granite Belt Music Council.

Council spokesman Kel Johnson said the

group believed that music could help lead

economic recovery in the region after the recent disasters and had started the campaign

to allow easier access to live music in the

town .

“Special Entertainment precincts – their

authority and framework is found in section

264 of the Local Government act of 2009 and

what it does is allows for the State government laws for councils to have special entertainment precincts,” he explained.

“What it does is reduces a lot of the red

tape and you’ve only got one group – the

council – looking out for it and they make the

rules in there.

“In the past we’ve had problems with street

closures, there is various reasons why that has

happened but if you have Special Entertainment precincts it allows greater flexibility

with things like the Apple and Grape Festival.

You won’t have to rely on EPA, Police and Liquor Licensing as much. It will be dealt with

by council and the local community that’s the

way it should happen.”

He said when it is defined in a town-planning sense, it made it easier for live music to


“It’s good for a live music hub, tourism and

good for other arts as well,” Mr Johnson said.

“We are trying to propose and get funding

for the Bandstand – we want to do four concerts

one for each season. There is another program

that is happening that the Happy Valley Hippy

Shop is doing – and that’s the busking.

“But they are wanting to formalize it and

call it Be Not Afraid Live. We’re about trying

to aid the recovery and we think we have a

good thing happening.”

He said there was a petition that people

can sign on-line and at Cafe 77 and Happy

Valley Hippy Shop as well.

For more information on the proposal,

the petition and all of the programs head to