Something new for the region

The lastest vehicles at Moline Trucking.

By Tania Phillips

 Who doesn’t love a jaffle? That’s what former Warwick man Jason Ryan thought when he introduced the latest of his businesses based at 12 Project Street – Jaffle Mafia.

The Jaffle business joins carwash Bubble Cartel and Moline Trucking and while Jason, now based on the Sunshine Coast, owns them – they are all managed on the ground by Warwick locals, providing services for locals by locals.

The conglomeration of businesses started last year with the Bubble Cartel which kicked off in 2019 when the drought was in full swing.

“Warwick had no water and nobody could pick up a hose without getting a fine for it so I decided to provide an option in the town for people to get their cars washed or wash their own cars – using our water which we ship in from the Sunshine Coast,” he said of the entirely self-contained facility which he says takes no water from the region.

“In a place where there was no water it seemed like the thing to do – we have ramped it up now with a lot more high level detailing.”

The Jaffle Mafia is only new – an extension to the Bubble Cartel.

“One compliments the other – quite a few people coming over and having their carwashed sitting there with nothing to do for an hour or two.

“It felt like we needed something to keep people busy, entertained or fed. I spent a bit of time working in WA and there was a place Geraldton that did nothing but make jaffles – it seemed like a fairly unusual idea when I first saw it. But it was incredibly popular and I don’t know that there are many people who don’t like a jaffle so I felt rather than starting the same old takeaway that we would start something a little different.”

Rounding out the three businesses is Moline Trucking, new Transport alternative for the movement of agricultural and commercial transport equipment in Australia. The company has a new fleet of vehicles capable of carrying heavy and wide loads throughout Australia and also moving trucks and trailers as required.

Head down to 12 Project Street Warwick and check out Moline’s website for more of what they do.


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