Winter woolies on sale…

Stanthorpe Cancer Support Group volunteers Debbie-Ann Wilmot and Evelyn Brown. Photo - Perditta O''Connor.

The Stanthorpe Cancer Support Group has a vast array of knitted items perfect for winter for sale to raise funds for the group’s activities.

Doreen Shadalow “who is only 93” started knitting when she was five and she empathetically says, “It’s always a pleasure to knit”.

She now knits for the Stanthorpe Cancer Support Group and her scarves, hats, beanies, mittens are always very colourful. She specializes in baby wear and sends many items for premmie babies to Brisbane hospitals. Also she makes squares for rugs for hospitals in Toowoomba.

Daphne Day, who is also in her mid-nineties, says she knits for pleasure too. She has been knitting since she was six years old, and now confidently knits for the Stanthorpe Cancer Group. She makes cosy carpet slippers and rugs for many folk and her beautiful jumpers for all ages are unique, decorative and very colourful. These can be seen in the window display.

Raffle tickets are available at Gracious Giving at 24 Maryland Street, Stanthorpe.

Donations for wool are always appreciated. Also knitter for teddies or squares for rugs are needed. Contact Debbie-Ann Wilmot at 24 Maryland Street, Stanthorpe or 4681 4700.

Children’s jumpers, rugs, beanies, scarves are available for sale.

Jumbo raffle: Rickets $2, five prizes, drawn August 31.