A clip too close

Clark Davidson came to the rescue … of the Southern Cross Bowls Club … when regular greenskeeper Vince Hemmings had a nasty incident with the electric mower last week.204549 Picture: Andrew Cantwell

By Andrew Cantwell

The rinks at Southern Cross Bowls Club are looking fair – still at the regulation height, and with just a few browner patches – in what has been a very trying season.

The recent rains have helped restore a little spring to the turf, but also meant the mowing cycle has been resumed in earnest.

Regular greenskeeper Vince Hemmings was on the job last Tuesday – doing necessary preparations before Wednesday’s matches – when the mower bit back, cutting a chunk of skin away from Vince’s foot.

While Vince was being tended to, Clark Davidson was on the spot finishing off the mowing – between showers – when the Free Times called around on Tuesday afternoon.

Clark said Vince would need more than a few stitches, as the cutter had gone across a few toes and a bit of skin had been stripped away. A mess of blood on the maintenance shed floor attested to the nasty incident.

Clark said the rinks were mowed by Vince about three times a week to cover the mid-week match and the weekend’s play.

The Free Times suggested that it may be time to get an artificial playing surface – perhaps the dangers of weather and maintenance were arguments for a radical change.

Clark shot back that what the club really needed before an artificial surface were proper sun shades and seating.

Fair enough.

Bowls stops for very few reasons; and neither last week’s storms nor a little ‘nip and tuck’ with the mower were going to slow things down.

The Free Times wishes Vince a speedy recovery.