Natural healing with Carnarvon Funerals

Maria Hendry and Ray Mattiazzi of Carnarvon Funerals.

By Jess Baker

Carnarvon Funerals is offering a unique new product designed to ease grief, reduce stress, and improve sleep patterns.

Pure essential oils and essential oil blends are available for purchase at Carnarvon Funerals’ Wolfram Street location.

With scents ranging from lavender to eucalyptus, lemon to tea tree and peppermint to frankincense, Carnarvon Funerals director Raymond Mattiazzi said the oils provide natural healing to the mind and body.

“They have psychological and physiological healing properties that have helped me and others too,” he said.

“They can help with anxiety, stress, grief and the everyday pressures that come into our lives.”

Ray said he has been using the essential oils himself for three years, as the “calming sensation” they provide is unmatched.

The plant-based oils are designed to support users’ emotions, targeting feelings of stress and anxiety, grief, sadness, worry and fear.

Ray said they are also effective in helping people relax and get to sleep more easily, which can be particularly helpful in times of grief and mourning.

“Our belief in essential oils and their healing powers is the reason we have decided to have this product,” he said.

Maria Hendry, also of Carnarvon Funerals, said she has seen firsthand the positive impact the essential oils can have on families experiencing grief.

“When people first walk in (to Carnarvon Funerals), they’re not thinking of themselves.

“The calming sensation of the oil from the diffuser is noticed when they walk into reception.

“Our aim with these oils is to help people and to alleviate some of their stress.”

Maria said there are a wide selection of oils available for purchase and each will help in a different way. Some blends will boost health and calm, while others will relieve head tension and digestive discomfort.

Unlike other “carrier oils” found on the market, Maria said these essential oils are 100 percent pure.

They can be mixed with water in a diffuser, dropped into the palm of one’s hand and inhaled, inhaled from the vial or applied to skin.

Ray said that because each the oils are 100 percent pure, and only one or two drops of oil are required per use, a single 15 millilitre bottle will last a person a month to a month and a half.

According to the essential oils company, essential oil molecules will reach the brain within 22 seconds, the bloodstream within two minutes, and “every cell in the body” within 20 minutes.

For further information about the essential oils and how they might help you, call Carnarvon Funerals on 07 4681 3121 or visit staff at 31 Wolfram Street Stanthorpe.