Learn from the best with Wilshire & Co

General Manager of Wilshire and Co, David Clothier.

By Jess Baker

Leading rural merchandise retailer Wilshire and Co is gearing up for its next round of Field Days and is inviting local communities to take part.

Upcoming events will be held in Texas on 20 April, Mingoola on 21 April, Tenterfield on 11 May and Stanthorpe on 12 May, where field experts will lead informative discussions and give practical advice about fencing.

General Manager of Wilshire and Co David Clothier said the company plans to host 27 Field Days in 2021 that will cover a range of topics, from fertilisers and pastures, horticulture, water and irrigation to livestock management and equine nutrition.

“Our goal is to deliver the best customer service in the rural merchandise sector supported with competitive prices,” said David.

“We want to increase on-farm productivity and one of the ways we do that is by creating events for our customers and our staff that give them access to industry experts, ensuring the best decisions can be made on behalf of our customers’ businesses.”

With 50 employees across six locations, and more than 60 years’ experience, Wilshire and Co is renowned for its steadfast commitment to its clients and local communities.

David said the company has a unique advantage over competitors in that it operates as a family-run business, with loyal staff and strong customer relationships, but it is also backed by one of the world’s biggest agricultural retailers – NUTRIEN.

“Across all sectors, many of the customers we have today we’ve had from the outset,” he said.

“What sets us apart is the fact we’re a family-owned business, we have a great culture, and we spend a lot of time getting to know our customers.”

“Our strong relationships with key suppliers are key to the success of Wilshire and Co as they ensure we provide a direct connection between industry leading experts and our customers, in addition to in-house training sessions for our staff.

“These strong supplier relationships that have been forged over 60 years also ensure that we maintain both consistent and competitive prices.”

Wilshire and Co now has stores in Stanthorpe, Tenterfield, Deepwater, Texas, Mingoola and Inglewood and stocks an extensive range of top quality rural merchandise. This includes fencing, animal health, chemicals, fertilisers, seed, irrigation, produce, house and garden, and equine products, as well as packaging and agronomy services.

“I encourage anyone interested in our services to call us up or visit the store to find out how we may best help you,” said David.

Information about upcoming Field Days will be released via Wilshire and Co’s Facebook page and newsletters in coming weeks. For further enquiries, call the Stanthorpe store on 07 4681 2055 or email stanthorpe@wilshireandco.com.au.

Attending a Wilshire and Co event in 2021 could also put you in the running for a five night escape to Magnetic Island, a Makita professional tool pack valued at $1500 and an Engel fridge valued at $1000. See the full terms and conditions at https://wilshireandco.com.au/competitions-2021/.