Stanthorpe in 1908

Church of England Boarding School Stanthorpe, 1908 (Contributed by: QldPics)

Stanthorpe Voices: Extracts from Stanthorpe Shire History.

Compiled by Stanthorpe Shire Council


W.A. Petzler sent first consignment of Eukey fruit to London.

The following are from the Stanthorpe Border Post archives detailing key happenings in 1908:

• June: Heavy falls of snow and sleet.

• July 3, 1908: Mr Pierpoint has completed laying out a cherry orchard at the rear of his residence over Carnarvon Bridge and 200 cherry trees are flourishing there. Most of the trees have been secured from orchardists in various parts of the district who had been unable to cultivate them successfully.

• Kitson Lights, July 10, 1908: A number of ratepayers who believed in having the town lighted had purchased a Kitson lamp of 1000 candle power which he (Cr Lawson) was requested to hand to council. It was thought that the erection of the lamp would convince the townspeople of the benefit of having the town lighted and that it would not be long before the ratepayers would have an extension of lighting at the expense of council.

July, 1908: First mass was celebrated at Silverspur and a working committee was formed for church.

July 10: Glen Aplin State School re-opened after closure for a considerable period.

• Shocking tragedy at Silverspur – one man shot, another dangerously wounded.

June 25: a cold snap and falls of snow.

• Blacksmith, wheelwright, and carpenters were granted a weekly half-holiday and will close at 1.00pm on Saturdays.

• Wirth Brothers Circus visited (with a hippopotamus)

• Shakespeare’s Royal Entertainers.

• Nellie Stewart cancelled a visit due to lack of a suitable hall.