Stanthorpe in 1907

Workers Cash Store in Stanthorpe, ca.1907. The Workers Cash Store, owned by Joe McLucas, was situated on the corner of Railway Street and Maryland Street, Stanthorpe. A horsedrawn wagon is being unloaded in front of this small timber building. Contributed by: QldPics)

The following is an excerpt from a Queensland State Library Archival newspaper published on 26 January 1907.

“W. A. Petzler (Ballandean) writes that he attended the last meeting of the Stanthorpe W.P.O. to discover who was the cause of the resolution excluding members of the A.W.U., from voting.

He says that he finds that this matter was brought forward in connection with certain recommendations of the C.P.E., which were disagreed upon by the meeting.

Mr McKenna was not the mover or seconder of the resolution, but although he (Mr McKenna) states that he was absent when the matter was discussed, the two resolutions following were submitted by him as shown by the minute book.

Mr Petzler wants to know why Mr McKenna was silent when A.W.U. members were being excluded from the plebiscite and conclude by giving a description of the last meeting he attended, which he alleges was packed by Mr McKenna for the purpose of forcing the election of officers and that on the ruling of the chair being disagreed to, the vice president in disgust retired.”

Stanthorpe’s The Border Post also collected an archive of key events in 1907 that were reported on in the area, which are as follows:

• Tenders called for building a Sanitorium for Mrs Allison at the three-mile in Sugarloaf Road.

• March: The Stanthorpe Shire agreed to 500 acres of the town common being handed to the Lands Department to have the area cut up in small blocks.

• Special trains are running daily from Wallangarra during the past few weeks, carrying Queensland produce. Tine is being wasted shunting trains due to the poor arrangement of railway yards.