Stanthorpe in 1906

Wedding of Edward Ellevsen and Beatrice Ludlon, Stanthorpe, ca. 1906 (Contributed by: QldPics)

The following is from an archive from the Stanthorpe Border Post:

• In Stanthorpe in 1906, New Wylies Creek Dredging Co reported that dredge is working a face 500 feet and advancing at a rate of 12 years a week.

Directors declared a dividend of 3d per share.

• An Act of Parliament protects native possums and bears – penalty for killing, capturing or injuring them: five pounds.

• Deputation of fruit and vegetable growers waiting on Mr Denham to ask for a reduction in freight on fruit and vegetables and ventilated trucks, empties to be returned free.

• Meeting to form The Pioneer Cricket Club – first match played against the Stanthorpe Town Club on 20 October.

Other cricket clubs in existence include South Stanthorpe and Paddock Swamp.

• Approval for connection of telephone between Stanthorpe and Ballandean.

• Meat prices rise: fillet steak, 5 and a half pound rump, 5