Met Gala looks disappoint

Blake Lively at the Met Gala, via Vogue's live stream.

By Emily-Rose Toohey

On the first Monday in May (or Tuesday in Australia due to time-zone differences) one of popular culture’s most anticipated, iconic events occurs: the Met Gala.

With a theme created each year by Vogue Magazine’s Anna Wintour, prestigious designer brands dress invited celebrities who then walk the stairs of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The fashion and charity event is known for its exclusivity and bold clothing choices that match the year’s theme.

This year, the theme was ‘gilded glamour’ and boy did most attendees disappoint.

Sure, there were some attendees wearing beautiful gowns and as always, the consistently black suit-wearing males, but so many celebrities ignored the theme.

Mini and I are absolute sticklers for this: if a celebrity doesn’t stick to the theme, it’s an immediate NO for us.

However, not every person was a disappointment.

Actress Blake Lively remains one of the best and most consistent Met Gala dressers in the game and this year she looked stunning.

In a dress that doubled as two different colours, every part of the dress was well thought-out and purposeful.

Aside from Blake, Mini’s two other favourites were Bridgerton’s Nicola Coughlan in a feather inspired fit, and Evan Mock in a yellow suit that screamed ‘period piece perfection’.

For myself, also aside from Blake Lively, is now Academy Award nominated Jessie Buckley in a black and white striped suit, a hat and an actual fake moustache.

Her absolute boldness and attention to the theme is commendable, however, my cynical self says she’s just simultaneously promoting her new film ‘Men’ by dressing up in traditionally male attire – moustache and all.

Reporter Genesis Suero’s stunning, on-theme look also went viral and her dress is one of my favourites.

Usual Met Gala favourites like Gigi Hadid and Cardi B didn’t make a mark this year, and with the absence of fashion icons like Rihanna and Zendaya, something about this year’s event didn’t quite live up to expectations.

Nonetheless, there’s always next year – let’s hope designers and celebrities alike decided to follow the theme and create the Met’s next iconic, viral moment.