Local screen legends…

Starring in ‘Outnumbered’ are (from left), Matthew Mauch, Christopher Mauch, Ian Sanderson and George McVeigh.

By Jeremy Sollars

A movie cast made up predominantly of familiar local faces has been immortalised on the big screen – and you’ll be able to view their substantial acting prowess in the very near future in the comfort of the Warwick Twin Cinema.

Around a decade in the making – and shot entirely on location in the picturesque Freestone district north of Warwick – ‘Outnumbered’ is a tale of the ‘Western’ genre with a distinctly Australian, and not a mention a local, twist, and more than a few suspenseful twists and turns.

The Free Times was kindly invited to a special private advance screening of the movie last weekend, attended by cast and crew and their families and friends. We won’t be spoilers about it – enough to say ‘Outnumbered’ is a gripping tale of mystery, family bonds and ultimately justice.

Headlining the cast are cousins Chris and Matt Mauch – who play brothers in the movie – along with local livestock industry identity George McVeigh, who plays the role of the sheriff. These three local legends are joined by Ian Sanderson, who plays the role of ‘Croker’, the chief villain in the piece.

But alongside the main cast of four are a host of other faces who will be familiar to many in the Warwick area – again without giving too much away these include Jake and Dean Mauch, Jasmine Lane, Fraser McVeigh, Tony McVeigh and Charles and Ivan Mauch.

Produced and directed by Emmett Adcock, ‘Outnumbered’ is beautifully filmed with stunning panoramas of the Freestone hill country. Julie Mauch headed the art department, and the costuming itself is as professional as you’d see in any Hollywood blockbuster. Other local connections include David Bruggemann, who composed the original music score which helps to set the tone for the storyline.

Chris Mauch is the executive producer and along with story writer Matthew Noske wrote the script to ‘Outnumbered’, which is brought to you by ‘Gunsmauch Pictures’.

‘Outnumbered’ is currently being rated for classification but you’ll be able to head along to the Warwick Twin Cinema to check it out for yourself in the next few weeks, depending on how long it takes for the classification process to be completed – but be assured it is well worth the wait!