Old-fashioned service and burgers from yesteryear

By Tania Phillips

 A good old fish and chip shop with the hamburgers that that they grew up eating – that’s

what Gina and Dave Kerr from G&D Fish and

Chips set out to do when they set up the shop

19 months ago.

“We sell fish and chips, hamburgers,” Dave

said matter-of-factly but as you chat to him

you realise just how much thought goes into

the fast food since they swapped operating a

service station with some food for the fish and

chip shop.

“We do the old type of hamburger the way

they used to be made – the whole idea of the

fish and chip shop to start with we always

wanted to do it the old-fashioned way. I even

tried to buy old newspaper printed paper but

you can’t get it the size you need.”

But while there is no news-print paper

around their food – they do have one of the

other old-fashioned staples. Yes there is beetroot on some of their hamburgers.

They even have a Warwick burger which is

two works burgers in one – that’s their flagship

burger according to Dave and the have generous servings particularly of their chips and are

careful to source good quality fish and produce particularly barramundi which is their

top-selling fish. He said they had a lot of discussions around the dinner table before they

opened about what the food would be like and

what they would sell.

“One of the things I tell all staff – if you

wouldn’t eat it – don’t sell,” Dave said.

G&D have, like most businesses started

in the past year or so, had a bit of a baptism

of fire with Covid 19 restrictions – but being

predominantly a takeaway (they took the few

chairs and tables away for a while in the early

days of lockdown) it probably affected them

less than most according to Dave.

“We open from Wednesday through to Sunday we go 11am to 2pm and have a break and

we’re back 4pm-8pm so we’re open for dinner

and lunch,” he said.

“We’re right opposite the park in Palmerin

Street. We get a lot of people coming in on Sunday’s – they get a feed and go across the road

and sit down as a family unit. We have family

packs and snack packs. We do packs for one,

two and a family.

“It was very popular when everyone was

stopped from going anywhere – we were really busy then – when people weren’t able to

leave the five kms – but now people are moving

around a bit more we’ve backed of a little bit.

“But we were pretty good through the Covid

it didn’t restrict us too much.

“Our customers find us through word of

mouth – we’re not on the main thoroughfare but

they find us and tend to keep coming back. We

must be doing something right,” Dave laughed.

Find them at 38 Palmerin Street conveniently located opposite the park.